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Z3 Media: Assistant Media Buyer / Assistant Offer Manager

    Headquarters: Bali


    This posting is for two similar positions at world class performance marketing agency Z3 Media. 

    The first position is that of the Assistant Media Buyer and the second is the Offer Manager Assistant

    Selected candidates will undergo a series of tests with the final test being a part time/contractual paid probation period. The candidates will then only be hired on full time if their performance is excellence and they are a great fit for the team. 

    For the Assistant Media Buyer position, candidates with the following proficiencies will be considered first:

    – Web Design (HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, ClickFunnels, Convertri)
    – Graphic Design (Photoshop, Canva)
    – Project Management Software (ClickUp, Asana,
    – AI (ChatGTP)
    – Copywriting
    – Advanced English

    For the Assistant Offer Manager position, candidates with the following qualities will be considered first

    – Ability to follow direction
    – Attention to detail
    – Advanced English
    – Experience with ClickUp
    – Experience with Telegram
    – Experience working remotely
    – Motivation to work overtime

    Candidates should have a propensity towards using AI tools and leverage them as regularly as possible to maximize their efficiency. 

    Candidates who apply for either role will be considered for both. 

    Apply Here for Assistant Media Buyer:

    Apply Here for Assistant Offer Manager

    To apply: