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Web Content Writer

    Our content team is looking for contract writers who can create a number of types of content, including short-form and long-form content, blog posts, web pages, web copy, FAQ pages, and more.

    Content produced for our sites works by inviting readers to learn more about a particular career path, in-person or online degree, or other higher education-focused topic.

    To that end, our content is audience-aware, focused on user intent, and easily digestible, so we’re looking for writers who can write for the average reader. At the same time, our content must strike a balance between authoritative and personable, between helpful and informative, between action-driven and service-based: our writers must wear many hats at once.

    The ideal candidate will have a track record of creating content that both prompts user engagement and works to generate leads. Because we run a tight publishing schedule driven by specific goals, we also need someone who is used to producing quality content with quick turnaround times, has a knack for following instructions to the letter, and a keen eye for detail.

    Job Overview

    The content writer will work closely with content manager(s) and editors to produce content that is accurate, detailed, and optimized for our websites.

    The contract writer role is ideal for individuals looking to take on regular work on a contractual basis. Workload will vary depending on writer availability and writing capabilities, but our freelance writers typically write seven to ten (7-10) articles per week. You must commit to a minimum of 5 articles weekly. Each article typically ranges between 800 to 1,100 words.

    The Compensation

    Pay rates vary based on complexity and length of content. All work is paid per piece.

    Required Qualifications

    minimum of 1 year of writing experience desire to learn about content writing for SEO the ability to take constructive criticism full proficiency with the English language

    Preferred Qualifications:

    bachelor’s degree in English/writing, marketing, communications, or equivalent experience experience writing digestible content online experience working in a remote environment an understanding of the education field understands the importance of tight content deadlines works well in a remote team environment receptive to helpful criticism

    How To Apply

    Please complete all of the following steps to submit your application:

    1. Submit a resume

    2. Include a letter of interest detailing why you would be an optimal candidate.

    3. If experienced in SEO content writing, attach three links to examples of your work, or a link to an online portfolio. If not experienced, please send any relevant writing samples.

    4. Answer application screening questions.

    ***Before you decide to submit your application with us, please be advised that you will need to complete a writing test if you’re selected for the next phase of screening.***

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