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V2 Cloud Solutions: Sales Development Representative

    Headquarters: Canada


     Join us on our mission to enable people to reconnect with nature and be able to work from wherever they are happiest.
    V2 Cloud is not a regular tech SaaS start-up. We were and will be Round “O” financed. “O”rganic growth independence means we’re not pressured by external investors’ interests or timelines, enabling us to prioritize long-term innovation over short-term gains. Each year we share our profits with employees, and none of them are assholes, because life is too short to work with assholes.

    Are you proactive with a passion for problem-solving? Are you able to start conversations? Have you successfully made cold calls before? Do you know how to handle rejection? Do you speak impeccable English? 

    You may be the perfect fit for Outbound SDR at V2 Cloud.

    As part of V2 Cloud Sales Team, you will:

    Prospect Research: Identify potential leads in the remote desktop market that match our ideal customer profile.
    Outbound Outreach: Reach out to prospects via email, phone, and social media to showcase our solutions and address their needs.
    Lead Qualification: Determine the quality of leads by asking strategic questions and listening actively.
    Relationship Building: Nurture relationships with prospects by providing valuable insights and assistance.
    Performance Tracking: Monitor metrics like conversion rates to improve outreach strategies and achieve sales goals.

    You have, know or you have proved yourself in:

    Proficient in leveraging various data sources and tools essential for creating sales opportunities with outbound efforts.
    Experienced in a B2B setting, particularly with prior engagements in the US or Canadian markets.
    You understand SaaS and you understand how technology can help businesses.
    Able to connect pain points with benefits and do so with empathy.
    Able to understand what we do because you’re familiar with tech and SaaD.
    Autonomous and creative in executing cadences with various forms of outreaches that are relevant for the prospect and not spammy (emails, phone calls, videos, linkedin outreach, etc)
    The type to take charge and ownership in your tasks. We don’t have to micromanage you. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute creating the best remote work experience for people and companies.

    Need more reasons to join?
    Our fully remote crew, stationed on planet Earth (for now), coming from different social realities and experiences, is a blend of youthful energy, dynamic innovators, and customer champions, redefining the way that we live, we work and learn. We believe that Together as a Team (and not just as a collection of people) we are Invincible

    The process?
    Instead of talking about resumes too much, we kick off our journey together with an engaging assessment that lets your skills do the talking. So don’t hesitate – let’s embark on this mission together
    In Canada we provide employment contracts. everywhere else we are flexible on the contractor/contributor basis for cooperation, Our compensation is competitive. We discuss it individually to make it best for you and adjust it to your country requirements.

    To apply: