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Tutor Job: Conversation Practice Partner (Native English Speaker)

    Headquarters: Dubai


    Job Description
    Get paid to have conversations with English learners from around the world!
    Help students from around the world improve their English language skills through engaging 1-on-1 online conversations. Enjoy the flexibility of working remotely and the opportunity for constant career and financial growth. No prior experience or teaching certificate required!
    As an Online English Practice Partner, your day-to-day tasks will include:
    – Engaging in 1-on-1 online video calls with students from around the world.
    – Lesson are focused on having conversations about various engaging topics, that students or you can choose.
    – Help English learners improve their pronunciation
    – Reading and discussing different articles, blogposts, newspapers, short videos
    – Either pre-schedule lessons with your regular students, or just go live ANYTIME to get instantly matched with new students
    Benefits of being an Online English Practice Partner:
    – Increasing pay: Starting from US$10.20 to US$16.80 per hour, with opportunities to earn up to US$22 per hour based on experience.
    – Flexible schedule: Set your own hours and determine your workload, offering the freedom and autonomy to fit your lifestyle.
    – Remote work: Enjoy the convenience of working from home or while traveling, as long as you have a reliable internet connection.
    – Global connections: Connect with students from various countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Brazil, and more, and gain valuable insights into their cultures.
    – Be your own boss: Experience the independence of working on your own terms, without a fixed schedule or a boss dictating your hours.
    Who should apply
    If you meet the following criteria, you’re a perfect candidate for this role:
    – English is your native language.
    – You have access to a computer with a fast and stable internet connection.
    – You enjoy meeting new people from different countries and diverse backgrounds.
    – You desire the freedom to work from home and have flexible hours.
    – You seek continuous career development and financial growth.
    Whether you have previous experience in customer service/support, teaching, copywriting, babysitting, or you’re a student seeking an internship to enhance your communication skills, this is the perfect job for you.
    Join us today and make a meaningful impact on students’ lives while enjoying the benefits of remote work and career growth!

    To apply: