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Tonomo: Customer Success Manager

    Headquarters: Chicago


    This role is a full-time, long-term position with growth in mind. The following duties describe your first 3 months of activities to train and learn the system

    Level 1 Customer Support

    Resolve inbound customer support issues over Slack, taking customer meetings as needed.
    Process inbound automated reports and escalate them to appropriate teams.
    Proactively pursues errors and bugs before customers find them.

    Custom Success Coordinator

    Assists Customer Success Manager (CSM) in onboarding new accounts on back-end tasks.
    Communicates with customers via Slack to ensure they complete their tasks on time.
    Collects and presents customer data to CSM on usage, customer satisfaction, and growth.

    Customer Success Manager

    Once you are trained and ready, you will be assigned a book of business to manage
    This includes onboarding, ongoing support, coaching, and growing into a product and industry expert.

    About You
    Our ideal candidate:

    Engaging to talk to. You can build relationships with customers over remote meetings and Slack.
    Experience working with customers who are beyond busy
    Proactive. You don’t wait for something to get worse, you fix it when you see it.
    2-4 years in Customer Service/Success, ideally with American businesses.
    Fluent in spoken and written English.
    Can perform most of their working day during North American timezones.
    Works 100% remote in a professional environment with quality internet, webcam, and microphone

    To apply: