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TalentGenius: Data Scientist

    Headquarters: Austin, TX


    TalentGenius is looking for a Data Scientist, LLM Generative AI to join our dynamic and fast-paced environment and work with cross-functional teams to lead the analysis and synthesis of data generated by our members and from 3rd parties into actionable insights via Large Language Models (LLMs).
    As a Large Language Model/Generative AI Data Scientist, you will be a member of our new global AI and Data Intelligence team. This team’s goal is to build state-of-the-art data and AI technology with strong research fundamentals for our career management platform. You will utilize your expertise in the data sciences to investigate and work with relevant data sources and build AI products that support the career management process. This is a great opportunity to work on a range of AI powered projects in a growing team.
    The ideal candidate will have a strong background in data analysis and statistical modeling, with a passion for uncovering insights from complex data sets.
    The Data Scientist will be primarily responsible for implementing TalentGenius’ LLM strategy, optimizing the outputs from the LLM given the data inputs.  This includes conceptual tasks to structure the data and inputs as well as hands-on implementation tasks.  The Data Scientist is responsible for ensuring that the data sources are clean and accurate.  The Data Scientist will be responsible for making sense of the data, including basic reporting as well as drawing conclusions and correlations from the data.  The Data Scientist will work closely with the Technology team to ensure tight integration with TalentGenius’ infrastructure and offers as well as the Marketing team to help TalentGenius identify key learnings and insights about and for our members.

    Expectations & Responsibilities

    Lead the development and implementation of machine learning algorithms and models, with a particular focus on NLP and Generative AI, to drive our career management platform.
    Maintain awareness of and utilize where appropriate, state-of-the-art AI including Generative models as well as more classic NLP models, etc.
    Mapping and analyzing multiple data sets with emphasis on text-based data. 
    Benchmark, evaluate and document model performance, and provide recommendations for continuous improvement of models
    Manage complex projects and deliver high-quality, industry-leading solutions on schedule.
    Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including Engineering and Product Management, to ensure the successful implementation of AI models.

    Skills & Qualifications

    Advanced degree in Computer Science, Data Science, AI, or related discipline
    Minimum 2 years of applied experience in machine learning, deep learning methods, statistical data analysis or similar role; experience in the HR industry would be a plus
    Proficiency in using LLM and Transformer techniques for data analysis and modeling.
    Experience with recent large language models (GPT-4, Llama2, Xgen, and other more focused language models)
    Excellent programming skills in Python, R, or similar languages.
    Experience with AI platforms such as SageMaker, MLFlow, others, preferred
    Experience with building machine/deep learning models with at least one common framework such as PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit learn etc.
    Knowledge of relational database architecture and data management with expertise in SQL
    Familiarity with software development practices such as unit testing, code reviews, and version control
    Excellent analytical skills and presentation skills.
    Capable of explaining complex concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
    Strong verbal and written communication skills and ability to work independently and cooperatively
    Proficiency in English

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