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    Headquarters: Remote (worldwide)


    What are we building?

    We are building a small, bootstrapped company that creates the best in class food tracking and sharing application. We need a designer to help us take our very ugly, boilerplate design and help us craft the most usable food tracking application on the market. We need help with branding and product design. 

    If we can find a designer who can do the design, and also code the HTML and CSS in our Elixir application, that’s even better! 

    We are a small company focused on food tracking and sharing food with those you love: If you have used the current tools on the market for tracking what you eat they have a few things in common:

    Very focused on weight loss
    Not social, at all
    Almost all of them have taken venture capital funds. They need to bring large returns to make it worthwhile for their investors.
    Very messy databases. You’ll find about 50 results for each item you try to track. Navigating those is very difficult.

    We are trying to build a tool that solves a narrow niche:

    We are not focused on weight loss. We are focused on deliberate, purposeful eating
    We are going to stay small. We want to build a product for a subset of the overall market. We want to create the most streamlined food tracking experience on the market.
    Focused on social interactions. Food is at the heart of most social events, and some of our favorite memories. We want people to share the food they love with the people they love and build their community.
    A focus on creators. We don’t have more details to share than this right now, but we are going to try to be create the best platform for creators on the market.
    Our goal is to make a product that is so good at the problem it is trying to solve that people happily pay for it.

    A little about you

    Experience creating and building a brand
    Demonstrable experience building for a variety of platforms (mobile and web)
    Rich experience in TailwindCSS
    Ability to ship meaningful work in a short time frame, so we can collect user feedback and iterate
    Thinking in systems: This first hire will help us design our logo, branding, and overall design. We need to build a strong foundation while keeping a bias to shipping and getting feedback
    Availability: We need you available for at least 20 hours per week. We have been shipping at a fast pace. We want to continue that cadence and release our new designs after about six weeks of working together.

    To apply: