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Simplero: CEO’s Right Hand (Executive Assistant)

    Headquarters: New York, New York


    As the busy CEO of a growing company, I need my EA to be fast, tech-savvy and in sync with me. You’ll learn to think like me and act quickly and efficiently.
    So here’s the deets…
    It’s a full-time, remote employee position with benefits.
    You will:
    – own my calendar, email, whatsapp, messenger, and other inboxes
    – manage my travel (flights, accommodation, rental cars, etc.)
    – manage my day-to-day (scheduling, team communications)
    – be in charge of certain critical projects
    – update processes and communicate changes with team members
    You’ll be measured by:
    – Your ability to take initiative and get stuff done 
    – Your ability to adapt to different environments 
    You will need to:
    – Read the play before it happens… 
    – Think on your feet and be prepared for what could happen next. 
    – Do your research and be prepared for all meetings. 
    You’ll get to work super closely with me to learn everything I know about business strategy and personal/spiritual growth. It’s been life-changing to others in similar situations.
    About Simplero:
    Simplero is an all-in-one marketing software for course creators, coaches & online marketers. Our product and team exist to enable our customers (creators) to help humanity solve life’s biggest challenges. Founded in 2009 — Simplero is a profitable, bootstrapped start-up with over 2,500 active customers who have collectively earned over $518 million in revenue using our product.
    ** Please note — this role is remote.

    You’ll thrive in this role if…

    You’re fast. You know how to prioritize the multiple balls being thrown at you and you act with precision and speed.

    You’re ridiculously proactive. You’re five steps ahead of the next task. You anticipate a need, issue or concern before the CEO does.

    You overly communicate. Whether a task is complete, you need further guidance to solve a problem or you have feedback — you’re not afraid to ask questions, speak up & get stuff done.

    You’re an owner. You take on projects with ownership & gusto. You love to build things from scratch and explore new possibilities to achieve your goals.

    Simplero Core Values

    Make it Simpler(o): Simplero was built on making hard things, simple. We believe in tackling hard problems with focus & levity to achieve solutions that are easy & digestible. We practice this internally by using the 1:3:1 problem solving method. State the problem, propose 3 potential solutions, recommend a solution.

    Always be optimizing: We are all owners & problem solvers. We’re convinced that an unstoppable team & product are created by questioning everything, asking the tough questions & always optimizing for the best path forward.

    Real Talk: We’re obsessed with personal & professional growth. We believe the quickest way to get there is by direct feedback. We welcome hard conversations, we invite raw honesty to the table and we celebrate realness….for real.

    $70,000 – $80,000 a year
    Pay is 70-80k/year to start. Demonstrate results and commitment, and we can renegotiate later.

    To apply: