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SafetyCLI: Lead System Architect and Data Processing Engineer

    Headquarters: Vancouver


    We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Lead System Architect and Data Processing Engineer to drive the development of our new data collection, processing, and analysis system. This system is focused on open source package and vulnerability data within the cybersecurity domain, specifically targeting Python, JavaScript and Java ecosystems.
    The role demands a unique blend of technical knowledge and leadership in designing and implementing a system that leverages AWS or GCP platforms, with a strong emphasis on event-driven and modular architectures.
    – Architect and develop an AWS/GCP-based data collection, processing and analysis system that is event-driven and modular, ensuring scalability, flexibility and utility of the data.
    – Design and implement data collection mechanisms using a combination of APIs, feeds and scrapers to gather comprehensive cybersecurity data.
    – Develop a mix of serverless functions for straightforward tasks and full containerized environments for real-time security analysis of software packages.
    – Introduce additional features to facilitate testing and experimentation, along with a no-code GUI to enable interaction by less technical team members.
    – Make hands-on contributions to the codebase, ensuring the implementation aligns with the architectural vision of the new data engine.
    – Provide technical leadership and guidance to the team while remaining deeply involved in the day-to-day development process
    – Integrate AI technologies, such as GPT, Claude, and Copilot, into the development process to enhance productivity and quality
    – Embrace a fast-paced, iterative development approach, delivering working solutions quickly and continuously improving based on feedback
    Team Dynamics:
    As a pivotal member of a small team of 2 or 3, you will be the senior individual contributor (IC) responsible for the initial planning and subsequent construction of this complex system. This role offers the unique opportunity to shape the project’s direction from the ground up and play a central role in its execution and success.
    By joining our team, you will lead the creation of a pioneering data processing system that significantly enhances the cybersecurity landscape, especially for the Python, Java and JavaScript ecosystems.
    Your contributions will directly impact the safety and security of software supply chains globally, offering cutting-edge solutions to combat vulnerabilities. You’ll be part of a team that is at the forefront of innovation, leveraging AI technologies to revolutionize the way we approach cybersecurity.
    – 12+ years of technical experience, with a substantial focus on data processing and system architecture.
    – 7+ years of experience in designing and building large-scale, AWS/GCP-based data processing systems
    – Expertise in event-driven and modular system design, with experience in serverless and containerized environments.
    – Demonstrated ability to lead projects and collaborate effectively with diverse team members, providing technical leadership and mentorship.
    – Strong problem-solving skills, with a creative approach to overcoming challenges and delivering innovative solutions.
    – Adaptability to a fast-paced startup environment, with a willingness to iterate rapidly and adjust to evolving project requirements.
    – Excellent problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills
    – Passionate about leveraging AI systems like GPT, Claude and Copilot to drive innovation and efficiency in your daily work
    Join our dynamic and fast-paced startup to work with exiting technologies, shape the future of supply chain security, and deliver impactful solutions in a collaborative, innovative environment. If you are passionate about making a significant difference in the cybersecurity domain and are ready to tackle complex challenges with cutting-edge solutions, we want to hear from you!
    Salary of $150,000 to $190,000 CAD / year, depending on experience
    Healthcare plan
    Generous equity stock options plan
    Remote worker friendly

    To apply: