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Reddy: Full-Stack Django Dev

    Headquarters: Remote


    We are looking for a remote full-stack django dev to join our team! While full-stack can sometimes trend toward more of the back-end, this role in particular will trend more toward the front-end.
    Reddy is building an AI-whisperer to turn rookie hires into all-stars, empowering talent around the globe. In just nine months, our small team has been able to grow annual revenue to $300K+ USD and has new customers onboarding each month. Now, we are looking to grow our team with new members who like moving fast and building amazing AI products.
    We are 100% remote with flexible working hours, prioritizing execution over all else. With a small team and lots of growth projected in the future, there are unlimited opportunities to advance and turn the role into your dream job. We’re looking for someone who thrives in fast-paced environments, loves to dive deep into technical challenges, and can be an integral part of our next phase of growth.
    Reddy’s product emphasizes the value of gaining hands-on experience – and we feel similarly about the job interview process. It feels antiquated to pore through resumes and cover letters that describe what you are doing rather than getting to see what you are doing. For that purpose, we are asking applicants to complete a coding task, detailed here.
    Everyone who submits a solution to the coding task will get a guaranteed hour long meeting with a member of our founding team. Your submission for the coding task should be time capped to 2 hrs maximum of your time. During your meeting with a member of the founding team, we can get to know each other, and have an opportunity to discuss your work. At a minimum, everyone will leave with helpful tips and new members of their network.
    If we feel like there’s a good fit in that meeting, there’s only one more step to meet collectively with the rest of the team and ensure that we can answer all of your questions about Reddy and our vision for the company. And… that’s it! Hiring process complete. This is meant to be a simple, merit-based process that lets anyone who is willing to take on the challenge shine.
    Sound like a challenge you’re looking to take on? Head over to our test at: [] and follow the instructions there! We are looking forward to seeing your work, and speaking with you soon.

    To apply: