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Realiste: INTERNAL PR Team Lead at Realiste AI

    Headquarters: Dubai


    Realiste AI is in search of a dynamic, result-oriented INTERNAL PR team lead to join our team and drive the department of Internal PR communications.
    We are seeking a dynamic and experienced internal communications manager to join our team. You will be working to help employees across the organization stay up-to-date about the company’s vision, goals, projects and executive updates by leading strategic internal and executive communications programs. 

    We offer salary in range 1 000 – 3 000 USD monthly.

    About the company:
    Realiste AI is an innovative leader in the real estate investment sector, currently occupying a unique position globally. Our one-of-a-kind product drives our rapid growth, making us akin to the “Google of real estate investments.”
    The Realiste platform facilitates seamless investments in real estate by private and institutional investors across various global cities. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, it curates and ranks investment opportunities based on factors such as projected ROI, growth forecasts, infrastructure trends, and future market dynamics.
    Realiste AI offers a wide selection of real estate properties exclusively from institutional sellers including developers, banks, funds, and companies. The company’s current focus lies primarily on residential properties, with a strong emphasis on new developments due to their suitability for online transactions.
    Distinguishing themselves as trailblazers, they provide analytics for 100 global cities. While established in the UAE, the company is expanding into new markets.
    Skills Required:

    Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    5-7+ years of experience with technical writing, communications, journalism, or speech writing with a specific focus on internal communications.
    Ability to understand the unique needs of our business and technical teams (goals, products, tools, process) in order to produce an effective and relevant communication strategy.
    Ability to influence without authority. Comfortable working with and presenting to executives at all levels of the organization.
    Highly organized and self-motivated with strong attention to detail.
    Comfortable with ambiguity and ability to remain flexible in a fast-paced environment.
    Strategic thinker with the ability to problem solve quickly and creatively.
    Passionate about the mission of the company and the team culture.

    Our Working Style:

    At Realiste, we prioritize innovation, data-driven solutions, and customer satisfaction. We believe in giving our employees the freedom to act, experiment, and develop their own work systems.
    We offer efficient training to ensure you can swiftly close deals.
    Our team is spread across various cities worldwide, so we’re accustomed to remote collaboration and communication.

    Company Principles and Culture

    Our clients come first. We always prioritize their interests over ours. We only win when our clients win. If our clients lose, we lose too.
    Our AI provides our clients with an advantage over traditional investment methods. We aim to double our clients’ earnings while minimizing risks. During times of market volatility, our clients should act 10 times faster than the rest of the market.
    Always act in the company’s interests, not your personal interests. If you consistently act in the company’s interests, you may manage the budget and make decisions on contracts and payments up to 30 times your earnings from the previous month. This keeps the company healthy and benefits everyone.
    Culture is important. Avoid working with unpleasant people – they won’t take responsibility for their words and actions.
    Always make sure the unit economics are positive. Take into account all costs and unit economics (business, your time for the company, offers for clients).
    Take action to prevent downtime. Always consider the real cost of inaction from you and your colleagues in the company.
    We treat everyone equally, regardless of age, religion, orientation, nationality, or political views.
    Every employee must be a shareholder. Share distribution is based on excellent work, and employees can also buy shares at a special price. More information about shares will be provided below

    Additional Information:

    We provide enhanced access to the Realiste platform, ensuring you can easily identify the best investment propositions.
    You’ll have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, with the potential for relocation to Dubai.
    With Realiste, you’re not just joining a company – you’re becoming part of a movement to reshape the real estate industry.

    You will be responsible for developing and executing communication strategies that promote transparency, engagement, and alignment among employees. You will work across teams — including marketing, human resources, product, sales, and engineering — to support our brand mission and brand story. Core responsibilities include:

    The ideal candidate will be a skilled storyteller with strong interpersonal skills and a passion for creating engaging experiences.
    Design and execute creative internal communications strategies and programs that align with Realiste’s core business and cultural objectives and provide measurable value.
    Provide consultative expertise for developing, managing, and executing internal communications strategies, tactics, and campaigns.
    Build strong, ongoing internal client relationships, becoming a trusted partner and advisor for internal communications activities.
    Work with the leadership team, partners, business professionals across the firm, and the PR, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development teams, to shape and deliver effective internal messaging.
    Partner with the Realiste’s Head of PR and the founders to produce partner-focused, firmwide, and office, region, or practice-specific internal messaging, communications (including videos), and events
    Develop crisis communication plans, and deliver timely updates and instructions to employees during challenging situations.
    Collect and analyze data for communications effectiveness metrics including engagement, postmortems, participation, etc.
    Be an ambassador of our values, infusing enthusiasm for who we are and what we do into internal communications activities.

    To begin the process:
    1. Click on the following link to access the onboarding page:
    2. Once on the page, complete the form by providing the required information and details as requested. Ensure that you fill in all the necessary fields accurately.
    We’re excited to hear from you and explore how you can contribute to our ambitious goals.
    Let’s revolutionize the industry together!

    To apply: