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Piton Labs: Senior+ Software Engineer

    Headquarters: New York


    Piton Labs has an opening for a full-time Senior Software Engineer. We are looking for someone who is comfortable at all levels of the stack, preferably trending towards the front-end. The ideal candidate will also have strong familiarity with cloud infrastructure. Previous startup experience is a plus, be it your own or working at another early stage company. Continental US timezones + Argentine Time are strongly preferred – others will be considered on a case by case basis.
    At Piton Labs you will be working with startups and some larger organizations to solve some of their toughest technical challenges. You will deal with the ambiguity and complexity inherent in software development, and help our clients not just build their product, but figure out what needs to be built. In general you won’t be pulling tickets off a backlog as much as helping to set priorities and push forward on solving the most valuable problems our clients face.
    We take a technology agnostic approach, however on the majority of our client projects we use: Typescript, React and Go. We tend to utilize AWS for our cloud infrastructure needs, but we also have clients using other cloud providers as well. You should have five (5) or more years experience with a major web application stack, RDBMs, and a modern front-end stack. Experience with our preferred technologies is a plus, but not required. You should be experienced in shipping high-quality, well-tested code at regular intervals.
    Some things you may find yourself doing in a typical week include:

    Implementing rich user experiences for customer facing web or mobile applications.
    Designing and implementing a serverless API layer to support a new web application.
    Architect and provision cloud infrastructure with infrastructure as code tooling.
    Demo new functionality to client stakeholders.


    You are independent, with a deep passion for coding. Problem-solving comes naturally to you, and you’re constantly seeking to expand your technical horizons. Key qualities include:

    Pragmatic: You value getting problems solved and delivering value other crafting intricate solutions, but aren’t afraid to get clever when it’s called for.

    Self Directed: You are excited to take ownership over products or features and understand not only the technical aspects but the human aspects as well

    Depth of Knowledge: With 5+ years in the game, you’ve tackled diverse projects and honed your skills.

    Adaptable: Tech evolves, and so do you. While you have your specialties, you aren’t confined by them.


    Competitive salary – $140,000 for US based applicants
    Substantial quarterly cash bonuses directly tied to company profits. Between $2.5K and $5k in a typical quarter
    Four (4) weeks paid vacation.
    100% remote – now and always.
    Excellent work life balance (you’ll get to work with high growth startups without working weekends)
    Asynchronous culture and flexibility, we won’t waste your time with a lot of meetings, we trust you to get the work done in the way that’s best for you

    If you are interested in this position give us a shout at and we will set up a time to talk.

    To apply: