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Pauthr: Client Outreach Representative

    Headquarters: United States


    The Role
    As an Outreach Specialist, you will play a crucial role in building our community of programming authors. Using a list of contacts provided on-demand. Your mission is to reach out via email with compelling narratives that highlight the benefits and unique opportunities of joining our platform as it prepares for launch.
    You need to have experience (2+ years) writing emails and conducting email campaigns that convert to signups, and a proven track record.

    What We Offer

    Commission-Based Earnings: Receive a commission for each author that accepts the invitation to join our platform. This role is ideally suited for those who excel in a performance-based earning structure.
    You will be provided with a continuous list of targets.

    – 1 to 10 sales: $5 commission per sale/signup.
    – 11 to 20 sales: $10 commission per sale/signup.
    – 21+ sales : $15 commission per sale/signup.

    You must achieve at least 5 sales/signups per week in order to be retained!

    Work Hours: This is a part-time job Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM US CST with base of $400/month paid weekly.  Must have a bank account or Paypal. 
    Your total earnings depends on the additional commissions you earned. 

    Startup Culture: As part of a startup, your work will have a direct impact on our growth and success. You’ll be joining a small but dynamic team passionate about making quality coding education accessible to everyone.

    Growth Opportunities: This vital role in our startup’s growth trajectory offers significant opportunities for higher levels of responsibility as our company grows.

    Ideal Candidate

    Mission-Driven: You share our enthusiasm for coding and education and are motivated by the prospect of promoting tech learning.

    Skilled Communicator: Your success hinges on your ability to create persuasive, engaging outreach that convinces coding authors of the value our soon-to-launch platform offers.

    Goal-Oriented: Perfect for self-starters excited by setting and surpassing targets.

    US-Based: Open to candidates across the US, eager to draw on the vast diversity of talent nationwide.

    Committed: Candidates must be able to commit the required 5 hours each day to their outreach efforts and team collaboration.
    You may send your resume to

    To apply: