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Overmind: Blockchain Developer

    Headquarters: Singapore


    The Role
    You will develop the core smart contracts powering Overmind on multiple chains. You will develop puzzles and challenges for developers to crack. You will work closely with a small team and take ownership of important projects from the get-go.
    Skills & Experience
    Essential Requirements
    – 3+ years of smart contract development experience
    – Love for coding puzzles and challenges
    – English fluency (written & oral)
    – Experience with Move
    – Experience writing Layer 1 code, e.g. EVM or Tendermint
    – Experience with coding competitions, e.g. ACM ICPC or Topcoder
    – Experience with remote work at startups
    – Bachelors or advanced degree in Computer Science or related subject
    Needless to say, none of the above supersedes your intellectual curiosity and drive to build world-changing products.

    To apply: