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Million Dollar Dads: B2B Telemarketer

    Headquarters: Austin TX


    About Us:

    At Million Dollar Dads, we’re a dynamic duo of visionary entrepreneurs who constantly generate innovative ideas. Our problem? We’re stretched thin, and it’s time to bring in the secret weapon that will turn our ideas into thriving businesses.

    Make sure you review the requirements to be considered at the bottom of this post.

    🌟🚀 Join Our Dream Team: Rockstar B2B Telemarketer Wanted! 🚀🌟

    Are you a passionate communicator? Do you have the magic touch to turn conversations into golden opportunities? We want YOU!

    About the Role:
    You’ll be the voice and the heartbeat of our brand, reaching out exclusively to businesses, igniting interest, and setting the stage for epic sales! Forget the monotony, every call is a new adventure! Your mission – to spread the word, spark interest and schedule appointments that our closers turn into gold!

    Your Earning Potential is LIMITLESS!

    Earn between $500 – $700 monthly base salary, but why stop there? With every appointment you set and every sale made by our closers, watch your bonuses stack up to the stars! Your success is our celebration – get ready to reap the BIG rewards!  

    We pay bonuses on every kept appointment, and even larger bonuses on prospects we close.  We are closing at a 60% rate, so you just need to bring us some solid appointments.

    You should be earning a minimum of $1,300 per month, with $2,500+ being the goal.  If you’re not earning at least $1,300 with bonuses, you wouldn’t be right for the role.

    What You’ll Do:

    Dive into a world of exciting B2B interactions!
    Schedule appointments like a champ!
    Be the bridge between needs and solutions!
    Gear up for unmatched bonuses with every successful sale!

    You Are:

    A communication wizard with exceptional interpersonal skills!
    Driven, energetic, and ready to conquer the world!
    A champion in resilience with a dash of charm!
    Hungry for growth, ready for challenges, and destined for greatness!

    Why Us?

    We’re not just a company; we’re a movement! We offer a vibrant environment, exciting challenges, and ample opportunities to skyrocket your career to the next level! Join us, where your passion meets purpose, and dreams meet reality!

    Why Join Us:

    Work with the founders of Million Dollar Dads and be an integral part of our exciting ventures.
    Enjoy the flexibility of a remote or location-based role.
    GROWTH – we are looking for someone who will do so well in the role, that they get promoted multiple times and have their salary double or triple in the near future. 

    Ready to embark on a journey where your efforts are celebrated, and your career knows no bounds? APPLY NOW! Unleash your potential, and let’s script history together!

    ➡️➡️➡️➡️Requirements to be considered:

    Email back with your resume PLUS a 1-2 minute Loom video of why you want the role and why we should hire you.
    Confirm you are willing to work from 7am-4pm Central/Texas time.
    Tell us about past success in telemarketing or your career.

    If you do not send the following in the email, you will not be considered.  We’d be asking for this stuff anyway, so it helps to get it to us first.

    To apply: