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Marathon Data: Founding CTO

    Headquarters: California


    Marathon Data is on a mission to redefine the landscape of brand measurement by modernizing and connecting it to financial results. Founded by proven brand and B2B software builders (cofounders of Chubbies Shorts, which was acquired for 9 figures, and part of a 10 figure IPO, and Loop Returns, the largest returns & exchanges platform on Shopify), our aim is to build a robust, modern data infrastructure that empowers businesses to measure, analyze, and optimize their brand’s impact on financial performance. At Marathon Data, we thrive at the intersection of creativity, psychology, and mathematics. Our culture is driven by a relentless pursuit of increased profitability for our customers, achieved through innovative solutions, empathetic interactions, and actionable insights.
    We are now looking for a seasoned Founding CTO with a rich background in full-stack software development to join us on this exciting journey. If you are passionate about data, thrive in agile development environments, and are ready to take on the challenge of building systems from the ground up, we would love to hear from you.
    The ideal fit is looking to take a company from Zero to One, directly building amazing product as part of an exceptional, lean team.
    Marathon Data has already successfully raised >$2 million in pre-seed funding and has 14 signed customers on paying contracts.
    Key Responsibilities:

    1. Technology Leadership

    Set the vision for our technological architecture to ensure we can deliver incredible product experience to our customers at a breakneck pace
    Be a thought partner in our strategic vision for the business
    Embody empathy and curiosity towards our customer base to delight them with profound solutions to their problems

    2.  API Integration

    Design and implement robust API integrations to extract data from a plethora of data sources using pre-built connectors via Fivetran or by building directly into the APIs.
    Ensure seamless data flow and integrity across various systems and platforms.

    3. Application Layer Development

    Build a dynamic application layer for intuitive and responsive reporting using React/Remix or alternative frameworks like Next.js, along with MUI Base for styling.
    Design and optimize database architecture to ensure low latency and high-performance data retrieval with Postgres and Databricks for analytic data transformation.

    4. API Development for Marketing Platforms

    Develop APIs using NestJS framework to send data and facilitate actions on various marketing platforms such as Meta Ads and Google Ads.
    Ensure accurate data transmission and action triggering for optimized marketing performance.

    5. Marathon Data API Development

    Lead the development of Marathon Data’s API using NestJS and Prisma ORM to allow partners to leverage the rich dataset we are building.
    Ensure high availability, reliability, and performance of the API to meet partners’ needs.

    6. Leveraging the Marathon Data Set

    We will have the opportunity to build an engine to empower profitable growth in the consumer brand ecosystem and want a leader who can help craft a vision for how we can make this as simple as possible for our customers using modern technologies. The dataset we’ll be building along with our customers presents huge opportunities for generative brand creative, generative marketing assistants, etc., and we’ll want to ensure a precise, and thoughtful approach towards how we can use this to drive real value for our customers.


    Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
    8+ years of full-stack software development experience, primarily in early-stage technology startups.
    Proficient in React/Remix, NestJS, Prisma ORM, Postgres, and Databricks. Familiarity with MUI Base, Next.js, and Redux is a plus.
    Experience in Agile development methodologies.

    Key Competencies:

    Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
    Excellent communication skills with a knack for explaining complex concepts in a simple, clear manner.
    Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced, startup environment.
    Deep empathy towards customers, with a focus on delivering value.
    A drive for action and accountability, embodying the principle: “When in doubt, build. When you find a problem, you are accountable to solve it.”
    A visionary and creative mindset, with a thirst for continuous learning and improvement.

    Values Alignment:

    A genuine passion for our mission and values, including an innate curiosity, a knack for the intersection of the hard and soft sciences, and a focus on customer profitability and understanding.

    We offer a competitive salary and equity options, alongside a culture that encourages curiosity, creativity, and a drive for excellence. If you are ready to contribute to a team that will massively change the consumer brand landscape for the better, please apply.

    To apply: