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M&A Studios: Youtube Account Manager for multiple Accounts

    Headquarters: Switzerland


    We’re looking for someone to take over around 16 Youtube Accounts on which we post around 2 times per week in average.
    Your job consists of
    1. Cutting together videos to create 2-5 minute Youtube Videos
    2. Write a Videoscript that will be played in the background of the video
    3. Upload the videos to all Youtube Accounts using VPS
    You’ll get a detailled guidance on everything. 
    What skills you must have:
    1. Have a good understanding of what looks visually good
    2. Have good writing skills to make authentic scripts
    3. Be able to work the more or less same task all day
    The job is planned to be a full-time position with around 8 hours daily (for 5-6 days depending on what you’re willing to work on)
    Looking forward to your application!

    To apply: