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    Headquarters: USA


    Calling junior and mid level UI/UX designers

    We believe that potential > experience

    Our clients think so too, and they trust us to help find their future stars.

    If you’re an ‘over performer’ who’s looking to fast track your career, we want to hear from you.

    [Update: 14th July]
    – For anyone that sees the high number of applicants, please don’t be put off,
    – The actual number of applications is less than 10% of that figure, so we’re still welcoming applications!
    – We believe that talent is everywhere, but please note for this role, we are looking for applicants who are legally authorized to work in the USA (this has been stated in the posting, but WWR doesn’t seem to filter applicants)

    Does this sound like you?

    – Fast learner, who’s passionate about design and user experience
    – UI/UX designer with software experience under your belt (designing modern web or mobile applications)
    – A visually appealing portfolio, including B2B or B2C software projects
    – Solid working knowledge of Figma, and/or Adobe XD
    – Ideally some experience interacting with end clients/users (e.g. user research, A/B testing), or a desire to do this in your next role
    Legally authorized to work in the USA

    Please note, we’ll be looking for:

    – Examples of making a positive difference on a commercial software project
    – Examples of end-to-end UI/UX design and decision making

    We’re interested in end-to-end designs that were handed to development teams, and then launched to real users. We can’t consider prototypes or design ‘concepts’ (e.g. theoretical assignments at university or bootcamps).

    You will be able to talk us (and future employers) through your design process, decision making, and contributions.

    Don’t be shy! We’re very friendly, but just want to be able to have these kinds of conversation with you 🙂

    p.s. Please note, we won’t be able to consider/respond to applicants without the right to work in the USA.

    What we offer:

    We aim to give exceptional people an easy way to meet their future colleagues.

    Location: Jobs are with USA firms,
    Often remote, but within USA, hence right to work in USA is a requirement.
    Sometimes roles are hybrid, in which case companies typically have offices in major cities (Bay Area, New York, Chicago etc.).

    Salary: We work with firms that pay market rate or better in terms of compensation/benefits, precise details will vary.
    (We’ve secured salaries of >$100k for junior designers. But please note, companies will factor in your experience, and location into their offers, with places like NYC or CA often paying the highest salaries.).

    Hiring process:
    – application (10-15 mins)
    – We’ll contact you if successful, and then create your profile / start working with you on specific roles
    – From there the hiring process with clients varies.
    We work with clients who have structured interviews (typically 2-3 stages), lasting 1-2 weeks. We help facilitate the process.

    To apply: