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Happyforms: WordPress MacGyver

    Headquarters: United States


    Are you ready to single-handedly take two WordPress businesses to the next level?

    The assignment

    These two businesses, Happyforms and The Theme Foundry, are ready for a change. They are well-designed and well-loved products, but they’ve stagnated over the past two years. Both have the potential to grow if hard work and common sense is applied relentlessly.

    You’ll come in fresh and replace the existing team of two developers by yourself. That’s right. You’ll be solo. These businesses aren’t hard to manage in their current state (maintenance updates and light customer support), so for someone like you, this will be the easy part. The fun part will be creating and executing a plan to grow.

    The skills

    You must have a strong desire to take ownership and get things done at an unreasonably fast pace.
    You must be persistent and curious.
    You must be detailed, efficient, and process orientated. 
    You must be a go-getter that loves hard work and takes ownership. No job is too small. You do it all. 
    You must thrive on autonomy and decision making.
    You must be a great writer and a great communicator.
    Ideally, you’re a seasoned full-stack WordPress developer with design sensibilities and a business mindset. If you aren’t a developer, present a plan for how you’ll fill that gap. 

    The pay

    The annual salary is $40,000 USD plus a profit share on any new profit growth you create. You’re ready to hustle and grow a business while participating in the upside.

    How to apply

    Write a well-written letter explaining clearly why you are the best person for this job. We don’t want boilerplate. We want unique and clear. Take some time to look at these businesses. Do something that stands out. 

    Send your letter to jobs [at] 

    100% remote. Live anywhere. 

    To apply: