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GoTu (formerly TempMee): Senior Backend Engineer

    Headquarters: Miami, FL, United States


    Senior Backend Engineer
    Join our dynamic Miami-based tech startup, generously supported by venture capital, as we search for an experienced Senior Backend Engineer. At GoTu, we’re revolutionizing the dental industry with our innovative, deep work platform. Imagine a seamless connection between licensed dental professionals and dental offices, bridging the gap for temporary and full-time staffing needs through our cutting-edge on-demand web and mobile platform.

    The Senior Backend Engineer will report to the engineer manager and be responsible for designing, developing, troubleshooting, and debugging software applications for our core product. This includes developing software components including Frameworks, APIs, Websites, Utilities, Databases, and Internet-related tools.

    Principal duties & responsibilities:

    Develops software solutions by studying information needs, conferring with users, studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes, investigating problem areas, and following the software development lifecycle
    Demonstrates advanced knowledge in deploying, managing, and scaling applications within Kubernetes environments. Proficient in utilizing k8s to orchestrate containers, manage service discovery, and ensure seamless CI/CD pipelines, contributing to the resilience and efficiency of microservices architectures.
    Demonstrates expertise in GitOps methodologies using tools such as ArgoCD and FluxCD for continuous deployment, coupled with a strong command of Helm Charts and Kustomize for efficient Kubernetes configuration management. 
    Skilled in integrating comprehensive monitoring and metrics solutions within Kubernetes and microservice architectures. Experienced in leveraging tools such as DataDog, or similar to ensure high availability, performance tuning, and real-time visibility into system health and resource utilization.
    Deep understanding of DevOps methodologies tailored to microservice architectures, including automated deployments, infrastructure as code (IaC), and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) strategies. Capable of leveraging Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies to enhance the DevOps lifecycle.
    Well-versed in designing and implementing backend systems based on microservices architecture. Demonstrates a strong grasp of microservices-related patterns and practices, such as service discovery, circuit breakers, and API gateways, facilitating the development of independently scalable and deployable services.
    Conducts systems analysis and makes recommendations to improve the system to achieve an outcome
    Identifies opportunities for improving system reliability, security, and stability by working with product owners to prepare backlog items for the team
    Promotes internal best practices and coding conventions to write and execute tests for your own code, including creating comprehensive unit tests
    Contributes to technical documentation, process improvements and SOPs
    Implements best practices based on company wide policies and standards
    Requests constructive feedback for designs early in the process
    Performs peer code reviews to ensure the quality of the codebase.
    Updates job knowledge by studying state-of-the-art development tools, programming techniques and computing equipment; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participation in professional organizations and networking opportunities

    Key Competencies:

    5-7+ years of industry experience in programming web applications, mobile, and/or large-scale enterprise products, ideally with some experience leading a team of junior developers both in office and in a distributed environment
    Expertise in Kubernetes (k8s) Deployment and Management
    Solid Understanding of Microservices Design Patterns
    Familiar with Go programming language
    Extended experience with SQL and relational databases
    Familiar with SDLC and programming design patterns
    Familiar with Agile methodology
    Familiar with DevOps principles
    Skillful at reviewing new feature impact on an application and recognizing potential risks
    Skilled at analyzing performance in service
    Detailed-oriented, professional, and possesses a positive work attitude
    Communicate professionally both verbally and in writing, across technical and non-technical audiences to effectively collaborate and with all verticals of the organization

    Additional considerations: 

    Working understanding of the Staffing / Recruiting, PE and/or VC landscape
    Bias for action, ability to prioritize competing objectives, attention to detail and unparalleled critical thinking and organizational skills 

    To apply: