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Froonze: Senior Full Stack Engineer (RoR + Vue or ready to switch)

    Headquarters: Vietnam


    We are a small team of 4 people who decided to start our own project – build a Shopify app. We chose a relatively small niche to compete in, so we could test whether we had what it takes to succeed. About a year later we dominated that niche! We are now serving more than 4000 merchants!During that time, all of us have gone through impressive personal growth. We learned a lot. We got confidence.Now we are ready to get into one of the biggest niches in the market. And eventually we will dominate it too. It will take a few years, but we know we can do it! We can do it only with your help.

    What will you do?

    Maintain our existing app and help build a new one.
    Create entire big modules from scratch.
    Tackle lots of interesting challenges.
    Help us reach 100k merchants!
    As one of our first employees, you will be a very important/valuable part of our team, have lots of room to develop yourself and have a big say in the direction the company takes.

    Who are you?

    A damn good full stack developer (senior level).
    You are comfortable working both on front and back end, and can even contribute to UI/UX discussions.
    Detail oriented, eager to learn and go deep, a team player.
    You naturally like building and solving complex problems.
    You’ve worked on multiple interesting, complex projects and you are proud of the way you built them.
    Ideally you have a good knowledge of Ruby on Rails + Vue.js.
    If you haven’t worked with RoR or Vue.js, but are very good at similar frameworks, e.g. Django + React, and willing to switch to our stack, we are open to consider.
    Knowledge of ElasticSearch, AWS and deployment tools could be a big plus.
    Good English is a must.
    You are fine having 4 hours overlap at least with Vietnam(GMT +7) 9am-6pm

    Salary is negotiable.

    To apply: