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Freelance Research Center: AI Content Evaluator

    Headquarters: Delaware


    This is a technology job that accommodates humanities people and relies more fully on your competencies than your formal experience––making it a rare opportunity that’s perfect for at least sophomores, new grads, career transitioners, and those seeking an exciting remote career
    You’re the sort of person who is exceptional at generating copy intuitively
    You’ve also got the metacognitive awareness to “show your work.” In addition, you’re the sort of person with a deep interest in linguistics
    As a Remote AI Content Evaluator, you will be working closely with a team of other trainers, within protocols developed by the world’s leading AI researchers— training the AI to read, write, summarize knowledge, and interpret meaning
    Your job is to train, evaluate, and test the AI’s conversation skills, continuously equipping it to fulfill that purpose
    You’ll spend the bulk of your time generating examples of ideal conversations, acting as both the User and the AI for the AI to learn from, collecting sources helping it read large swaths of humanity’s documented knowledge and distinguish between what is presented as fact vs. context vs. patterns of behavior
    For example, you will be discerning the accuracy of the facts that the AI is outputting, but also the accuracy with which they interpret them
    As the project grows over time, you’ll spend time actively trying to “break” the AI by “forcing” mistakes and improving the way these AI models recover
    This is absolutely critical to its safety, accuracy, and use
    You’ll document breaks and have the opportunity to recommend improvements to the training methods themselves to both our team and our client
    Compensation & Career
    Pay begins between $22.50 / hour and it’s made on Mondays.

    To apply: