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Fibbl: Fullstack Engineer

    Headquarters: Stockholm


    Fibbl is a Swedish startup that creates augmented reality experiences for e-commerce.
    We handle all the steps: 

     Photogrammetry – Scanning of real products.
     Production of 3D models from photos.
     3D model optimizations (if needed).
     Storage and distribution of 3D content and metadata. 
     3D/AR/VTO experience display on client’s websites via special Fibbl components. 

    Besides 3D models, Fibbl also provides Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Try-on (VTO), images and videos. 
    You can read more on our website
    We strive to automate all the processes and make it as easy as possible for our clients to add 3D, AR and VTO to their websites. This goal requires quite a lot of work – both on the backend and frontend. So we are looking for an experienced full-stack developer. 
    Who can apply
    This is a completely remote position. We are ready to work with anyone from any country, if:

     You are able to be online within about 6 hours on workdays from 9 am to 6 pm Stockholm time (CET). 
     You can receive payments from Sweden (SWIFT payments in EUR are preferred). 

    What skills are required

     Good spoken English – we are an international team, not native speakers, but we should be able to understand each other easily. 
     5+ years of experience in software development. 
     Good knowledge and experience with React+Redux, JS & TS, Node.js. 
     An ability to solve different and unique tasks.
     Flexibility and sharpness of mind. 

    What skills are good to have

     AWS (serverless solutions) – we use it for all our infrastructure. 
     SQL & NoSQL databases – currently we are using DynamoDB, but we may switch to PostgreSQL in the future. 
     Three.js, WebGL, maths, experience in computer graphics – we are using Three.js to render 3D models. From time to time we need to improve/adjust it to meet our clients’ requirements. These tasks are rare, but if you are familiar with computer graphics, it will be a plus.

    What we offer

     From 20 to 45 EUR per hour (and even more for really skilled candidates). When you work – you are paid, when you don’t – you are not. It’s a full-time position, so we would expect you to work 40 hours a week. 
     Flexible work hours – you can decide yourself when you work, but you should participate in meetings and be online at the same time with other team members for several hours a day. 
     A possibility to be creative and work on non standard tasks, make architectural decisions, learn new technologies and approaches.
     We are a small international  team – only 3 developers + CTO. So each developer is important. 

    Additional notes
    If you are a person who can learn new things and grow professionally without much help from others, if you are smart, not afraid of challenges, and ready to work on new non-standard tasks, then this job can be rather beneficial for you. 
    If you are looking for a calm job, where you can work on well-defined tasks and forget about them once they are finished, then it’s better not to apply. At Fibbl all developers have to understand and care about the company’s aim and our clients’ needs.
    Fibbl is a startup, its goals are changing, and the future isn’t secured. We are not working overtime (if you thought about that), but our inner processes are constantly evolving, so there is certain instability and uncertainty. It’s an opportunity to get much valuable experience that is quite difficult to acquire in big teams and big companies, but it’s not for everyone. 
    How to apply
    Send an email to with the following information (preferably as an ordered list): 

     Your name.
     Your age. 
     Total experience in years.
     Your country and timezone. 
     Your desired salary in EUR per hour, e.g. 25 eur. 
     Your strongest side as a developer, e.g. “I’m a generalist and have worked with 100500 different technologies” or “I’m smart and quite good at solving complex problems / non-standard tasks”. 
     Anything you want to add + your resume/CV. You can attach it to the email or add a link.

    Use “Job Application” as an email subject, if you are sending a resume. Or “Question”, if you just want to ask something. 
    Start your email with the phrase “A white bear is eating a fish” – it will prove that you have read this job description.
    We will try to reply to everyone, but if there are too many applications we may not have enough time for that. If you get no reply within 2 weeks, it means your application has been rejected. 
    Also, we promise to delete your resume and the personal data you provide in your application (the email itself) within 60 days after we receive it. We don’t share it with anyone else.

    To apply: