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Dezinepoint: AI Training for Remote Experts

    Headquarters: Nairobi


    Are you interested in training AI models to become better writers?

    About the opportunity

    Cutting-Edge Projects: Work on challenging projects that push the boundaries of AI writing in your field.

    Flexibility: Set your own hours and work remotely from anywhere.

    Weekly payouts: Get paid conveniently on a weekly basis.

    Professional growth: Gain valuable experience in AI and machine learning while honing your writing skills.

    Collaborative environment: Join a team of talented professionals who share your passion for AI and human resources.


    Completion of a Bachelor’s degree or higher in human resources management, business, industrial-organizational psychology, or a related field. 
    Hold a degree in Accounting, Tax, Audit or a related field.
    Preferred Masters or Ph.D. in Biology, Life Sciences, or equivalent.
    Masters or Ph.D. in Chemical and Life Sciences or equivalent.
    Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field
    A bachelor’s or higher degree in English, Journalism or Creative Writing or related subject
    Completion of a Masters or PhD program in economics, business or related fields. 
    Completion of a Bachelor’s degree or higher in finance, business, economics or a related field. 
    Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences/History or the equivalent.
    Proven Education Teacher Experience for grades K-12.
    Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Public Policy or the equivalent 
    Completion of a Bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing management, business, or a related field. 
    Completion of an undergraduate program related to a Writing major (Literature, Languages, Communication, Philosophy, History, English, or similar).
    Completion of a graduate program related to the Writing majors in case your undergraduate program is not related to Writing.
    Completion of an undergraduate program AND having experience in one of the following areas:
    Professional Translation
    Professional Writing (e.g., copywriter, journalist, technical writer, editor, translator)

    Earnings & Duration:

    Earnings: up to $40/hour Location: Remote. 
    Location: Remote – US Residents only
    Duration: Variable depending on project length, flexible hours

    To apply: