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Contra: Part-time Social Media Manager

    Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


    Contra is seeking a Social Media Manager to join our team, bringing creativity and strategic insight to our online presence. This role is perfect for a professional adept in crafting compelling content and engaging with our community on various social channels, reflecting our ethos of empowering users to work independently.

    This is a contract position for ~ 20 hours per week. 

    What you’ll be working on:

    Curating and posting content across multiple social media platforms.
    Editing and optimizing content to align with our brand and message.
    Engaging with and growing our existing audience to foster community growth.
    Monitoring social media trends to help build a content strategy.
    Tracking and reporting on social media performance metrics.
    Collaborating closely with our marketing team to develop campaigns that resonate with our users.

    To apply: