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Contra: Meta Media Buyer at Go Premier Media

    Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


    Hello Media Buyers!

    About the role:

    We are looking for an exceptional individual to fill the position of Meta Media Buyer. As a Meta Media Buyer, you will need to be a strategic thinker with a proactive and solution-oriented mindset. This role operates in a fast-paced environment, requiring the management of multiple campaigns simultaneously while consistently meeting deadlines. The ideal candidate will bring a proven track record as a media buyer, particularly within the digital advertising realm. Your adept analytical skills will be crucial for interpreting data and making informed, data-driven decisions.

    This is a Part-Time Remote position.


    Strategic Planning: Conduct comprehensive market research to gain insights into target audiences, industry trends, and the competitive landscape specific to Meta.
    Media Planning and Execution: Identify the most impactful media channels and placements based on strategic goals and tailored research for the Meta platform. Collaborate closely with creative teams to develop captivating ad content and assets designed for Meta’s environment. Oversee end-to-end implementation and continuous monitoring of ad campaigns across Meta platforms, ensuring strict adherence to allocated budgets and schedules.
    Budget Management: Take charge of allocated campaign budgets, strategically allocating resources to maximize results within the Meta ecosystem. Keep a watchful eye on spending to ensure efficient delivery of campaign objectives on Meta.
    Performance Analysis and Optimization: Continuously monitor and analyze campaign performance metrics within the Meta context, tracking crucial indicators like engagement rates and conversion metrics. Utilize the unique insights garnered from Meta campaigns to refine and optimize strategies in real time.
    Client Communication: Step into the role of the primary point of contact for Meta-related campaigns, proactively keeping clients informed about the progress and performance of their Meta campaigns. Provide clients with regular, data-driven reports featuring actionable insights that showcase the value delivered by Meta campaigns.


    Proven experience as a media buyer, with a specialization in the Meta platform’s advertising opportunities.
    Demonstrated experience managing multiple campaigns concurrently, ideally within the fast-paced landscape of Meta advertising.
    Ability to interpret data effectively to drive data-driven decisions for Meta campaigns.
    Strong English speaking skills, essential for effective communication within our team and with Meta clients.
    Strategic thinker with a proactive and solution-oriented mindset, capable of adapting strategies to the unique attributes of the Meta platform.
    Exceptional organizational skills to handle the demands of managing multiple Meta campaigns while meeting deadlines.
    Strong communication skills that extend to both internal collaboration and external client interactions.
    Analytical mindset with the ability to derive insights from campaign data, particularly within the Meta context.


    Work with a fully remote team
    Completely remote and flexible schedule
    Location independence
    Working with exciting businesses and projects

    To apply: