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Contra: Freelance developer for a Chrome Extension (Vue.js/IndexedDB) at Taberone

    Headquarters: San Francisco, CA



    is a browser extension that saves tabs and a lot of time. It does what modern browsers should do but don’t — enable you to close and continue sessions later, batch process URLs, browse collaboratively, and organise a life-time worth of information found online. Like Google Photos but for links. 


    Weekly users: 15,000+
    Chrome Web Store rating: 4.54
    Sean Ellis Test satisfaction score: 54%

    Initial engagement scope:

    Overhaul the extension’s core auto-save mechanism
    Implement support for browser Tab Groups
    Upgrade collections sharing (temp -> permanent)
    Add new analytics events and metrics
    Develop a link-collection Twitter bot
    Fix bugs and issues

    Continued engagement:

    Develop cloud sync with client-side encryption
    Develop a premium SaaS product (subscriptions)


    Flexible – name your price

    You will be working directly with the founder on a well-documented codebase that was freshly revamped to Manifest V3, modularised, and ported to service workers.

    – – –


    Non-negotiable qualifications

    Front-end expert or FE-focused full-stack know-how
    Past architect or lead developer role(s)
    Prior experience developing browser extensions (Manifest V3)
    Experience developing 0-1 and at scale
    Likes UI engineering and has eye for details
    Great verbal and written communication skills

    Unfair advantage know-how

    Extensive experience with Vue.js
    Familiarity with IndexedDB
    Back-end development experience (Node.js and/or PHP)
    Experience developing a local-first webapp
    Familiarity with CouchDB and PouchDB
    Experience building CI/CD pipelines
    Experience with automated testing & QA (of extensions)

    Operational expectations

    Full-time commitment (40h/week) for the duration of the project on a freelance basis
    At least 4h overlap with GMT(+1)
    Self-directed and independent execution
    Collaborate with the team to find optimal implementation solutions
    Proactive async communication
    On need-to basis video call meetings

    Why you should join

    Potential for partnership
    Possibility of part-equity compensation
    ‘Zero knowledge’ architecture technical challenge
    Opportunity to create a useful product to be proud of

    To apply: