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Cantabile: Operations Whiz for a Flexible & Long-Term Growth Role

    Headquarters: New Hampshire

    Hi, my name is Carrie LeSage and I run a company that creates online high-ticket coaching programs and communities in partnership with NYT bestselling authors, experts, influencers, and thought leaders. It’s a new company (just a few months old) but already profitable and on-track for tremendous growth. 
    The company is named Cantabile – a term we borrowed from classical music to describe the “smooth and songlike” experience we strive to bring to our clients and customers alike. 
    I approach this from a varied career. My background: I played violin professionally for more than a decade, and had the honor of playing alongside brilliant musicians in orchestral and chamber music settings throughout New England. In 2013, I founded a B2B SaaS company called Tank Track, which now serves companies all over the U.S. More recently, I’ve led a not-so-secret double life raising and homeschooling my four lovely children, all while working in the remote startup space to help create and sell online courses. 
    With this new company, Cantabile, it is my intention to partner with kind and accomplished clients, with a focus on edifying personal- and professional-development topics. Our goal is humanizing: to connect real thought leaders with the real people who respect them, and to nurture life-giving relationships within our cohorts and communities. (We’re betting that the demand for real connections only increases with every tech advance.)
    So if you are… 

    A generalist with hustle looking to hone your skillset 
    Internally driven and looking to prove yourself in a vital role
    Looking for an opportunity with a huge potential growth trajectory 

    …then this is an opportunity to get in early at a company that is heading in an exciting direction.  
    Here’s what the role will look like: 
    As our new operations assistant, you’ll wear lots of hats. 
    You will… 
    → Work confidently (and learn quickly) inside various SaaS solutions such as Kajabi, Circle, Mighty Networks, and ConvertKit, and will help us build sales pages, opt-in flows, course pages, and community spaces. No need to be a programmer, but some technical proficiency will be necessary. 
    → Help ensure we maintain the highest level of quality in everything we do through detailed Q/A and proofreading (you’ll need a mastery of written English for this, with an old-fashioned eye toward proper capitalization, punctuation, formatting, etc). 
    → Support our customers in a variety of ways: email, online communities, and hosting Zoom calls for course sessions as needed while cohorts are running. 
    → Prepare our Members Area and Community spaces ahead of each cohort, working closely with our developmental editor to ensure we bring our clients’ visions to life with attention to every last detail.
    → Help us stay organized and on-track ahead of launches – managing our course video editing process, helping us support sales affiliates, scheduling emails and blog posts, creating PDFs for the Members Area, and more. 
    The role will be flexible for the most part – we’ll trust you to bring your A-game consistently and get things done in your own time. (Most of our team communication will take place in writing.) The two exceptions to this are occasional meetings, and hosting course sessions during the 6-week stretches when cohorts are in session, generally during Pacific coast working hours. 
    This role will start off at 20 hours per week, but will increase to full-time as we partner with additional clients. We hope to find someone who is a fit to grow alongside us over the long term. As an early hire, you’ll also be well placed to grow into a leadership role as the team evolves.
    How to apply: 
    To apply for this role, send me your best pitch on why you’re a fit for the role. Please don’t include a CV; just tell me why you’re the best person for the job.
    I regretfully won’t be able to respond to everyone, but if your note shows meaningful potential, I’ll be in touch within the week. Please send your note to: 
    There is no strict deadline, but the sooner you apply, the better; we’ll be closing applications for the role as soon as we’ve found the right person, so those who apply soonest are at an advantage. 
    I’ll be reading every application personally (no sorting algorithms used here), and look forward to your message! 

    To apply: