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BotGuard: DevOps Engineer – CyberSecurity

    Headquarters: Estonia


    BotGuard is a European company established in 2019 and headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. We operate globally, with clients and partners in more than 30 countries around the world.We develop easy to implement, state of the art, online tools to protect companies from modern-day web threats. We are a dynamic and fast-growing start-up dedicated to revolutionising Cyber security with laser focus on bot mitigation. Our innovative approach and cutting-edge technologies have positioned us as a future leader in the market. We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer with a strong background in bare metal Kubernetes, Helm Charts, Ansible and Gitlab CI/CD. We are building most of our new services in C/C++ and some in Go. We are looking for the ability to deploy production-level services in different data centers, keep the finger on the pulse of the entire cluster and have a complete understanding of what is happening with user requests, from a mouse click to the data in the backup copy.Our Engineers have wide responsibilities over the whole development lifecycle so knowledge of tools such as Git, Docker, K8S, Bash, Apt, Yum, and even Regular Expressions and SQL will become handy. We are looking for engineers who can solve problems together, think about big problems such as scalability and availability and sometimes go against the current to also challenge the common decision. Understanding Web Security will greatly help you succeed.In addition to technical expertise, we value taking ownership beyond the obvious, your motivation to learn new things you don’t yet master, ability to make decisions together with your team and willingness to collaborate with different BotGuard teams.

    Key Responsibilities:

    Organize, plan and check the performance of a team of DevOps engineers;
    Maintenance, development and optimizing of the current infrastructure, CI/CD processes;
    Solving problems of deploying applications in test and production environments;
    Setting up monitoring, logging and tracing;
    Participation in the analysis and elimination of incidents, troubleshooting issues;
    Automating processes, developing toolchains and workflows;
    Ensuring the security and compliance of infrastructure;
    Constant interaction with the product team;

    Essential Skills & Requirements:

    At least 3 years of commercial experience working with Kubernetes, Git, and Ansible as a DevOps engineer;
    Knowledge and writing Helm Charts;
    Expertise in Linux, networking and virtualization;
    Expertise in Grafana, Prometheus, AlertManager;
    Experience with Linux software packaging (DEB, RPM, Docker);
    Experience with scripting (bash);
    Experience with web security;
    Experience with SQL;
    Working experience with Golang is a big plus;

    Important skills we value:

    Curiosity, enthusiasm and strong desire to learn and improve.
    Time management and asynchronous communication skills relevant for a remote-first engineering organization.

    Our tech-stack

    Docker, Kubernetes, Helm

    We are striving to create a diverse and inclusive environment. We encourage all applicants to apply for our roles. We value and actively seek diverse talent!
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