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BBE Marketing Inc: Lead Full-Stack PHP Developer

    Headquarters: Hurst, TX


    We are looking for a talented Full-Stack Developer to join our team, who could help us in shipping features for our application and drive our application design and architecture as we grow.

    The tasks include:

    – Developing new features
    – Making fixes and updates to our in-house application
    – Implementing quality checks, metrics and monitoring: automated testing, code style, integrating error reporting and performance monitoring tools etc.
    – Work with team in planning and strategizing
    – Making important architectural decisions

    You will love this role if:

    – You like working with the stakeholders directly. We’re a relatively small startup, there’s no bureaucracy and complex hierarchy. You’ll be communicating directly with all the team members, from CEO to Customer Support.
    – You are a team player
    – You like to work and ship stuff fast without compromising quality. You know when to stop and call it done without trying to achieve the unattainable perfection.
    – You are a problem solver
    – You know how to find an optimal solution and ship it fast without introducing unnecessary complexity and overhead.
    – You’re not afraid to prove your point when necessary. We trust our team members and believe they have businesses best interest at heart. If there’s no simple solution to a problem, you can provide the arguments and clearly communicate the risks.
    – Self-starter, we don’t like to micro-manage our team
    – You treat privileged information with care. You can be trusted with sensitive company data

    – Good written and spoken English.
    – Solid experience with PHP, Symfony, MySQL (or any other RDBMS)
    – Basic experience with Angular;
    – Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, SASS/SCSS.
    – Experience writing tests in PHP.  PHPUnit is a must. Knowledge of other testing frameworks and tools will be a plus.
    – Experience writing tests in TS/JS. Experience with Jasmine.
    – You have experience setting up and/or maintaining CI pipelines running tests and other quality checks.
    – Able to work 4 hours overlap within 08:00 – 18:00 EST

    Nice to have:
    – Experience with DigitalOcean;
    – Experience with Bitbucket Pipelines
    About us:

    BBE Marketing provides products and services to help businesses connect with celebrities and influencers. We are a small, fast growing company who is passionate about our mission.

    To apply: