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BBE Marketing Inc: Administrative and Project Assistant

    Headquarters: Hurst, TX


    We are seeking a highly organized, motivated, and versatile Administrative and Project Assistant to join our team. In this role, you will play a critical part in managing diverse administrative tasks, coordinating projects, and ensuring effective communication within our team and with our clients. Your role will be pivotal in supporting our team’s efficiency and our clients’ satisfaction.
    The tasks include:

    Conduct thorough research on industry trends and news updates, promptly informing the team about relevant developments.
    Manage and review the work of writers, ensuring quality, accuracy, and originality, and provide constructive feedback.
    Handle customer service inquiries with promptness and professionalism, ensuring client satisfaction.
    Maintain and organize a system for managing customer inquiries and follow-up tasks, ensuring timely response.
    Manage customer refunds and handle chargebacks effectively.
    Assist in project management, tracking progress and ensuring task completion within designated timelines.
    Identify issues or delays in projects and communicate with the management team for timely resolution.
    Perform general administrative tasks including data entry, scheduling meetings, preparing reports, and maintaining documentation.
    Design and distribute newsletters via Mailchimp.

    You’ll Love This Role If:

    You thrive in multitasking environments: You enjoy juggling various tasks and can switch between different types of work seamlessly, from administrative duties to project management.

    You have a passion for organization and details: You find satisfaction in creating order out of chaos and have a keen eye for detail, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked.

    You’re a communication aficionado: Whether it’s crafting newsletters, handling customer inquiries, or providing feedback to team members, you excel in all forms of communication.

    Problem-solving energizes you: You love tackling challenges head-on and finding creative solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in your work.

    You enjoy being the backbone of a team: You understand the importance of your role in supporting the team and take pride in being a key contributor to its success.

    You value continuous learning and growth: You are eager to expand your skills and knowledge, and thrive in environments where you can learn from various aspects of the business.

    You’re customer-service oriented: Ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining strong client relationships is not just a task for you, but a rewarding part of your job.


    Experience using Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
    Customer service experience
    Mailchimp experience is a plus
    Wordpress experience is a plus
    Experience with Asana is a plus
    Strong organizational skills

    To apply: