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Aiir: Senior Developer

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    Aiir is hiring a Senior Developer

    About the Job
    You’ll be working on building new products, maintaining existing ones, and creating new features to delight our customers.

    Your work will span front and back end. On the front, you’ll be creating accessible user interfaces, beautifully functional components, and working closely with our design team to forge the best customer experience.

    On the back, you’ll be writing APIs, working with databases and serverless functions, looking after the health of our infrastructure, and considering how our products are deployed to the cloud and into the hands of users.

    Initially, this role will be fully focussed on our new cloud-native music Scheduler product. You will get up to speed on how this product has been built, how it’s deployed, what work is in progress, and the kinds of things we might like to tackle next. The product is about to go to market and will receive a lot of feedback, so things will move fast.

    A strong understanding and experience working in Node.js is absolutely crucial for this, above anything else. Experience in AWS, in particular Lambda, would put you at a strong advantage. A bonus would be familiarity with the Architect framework which the product is built on.

    In time, your responsibilities will expand to our other products. Some of the languages and frameworks you’d be using there include PHP, Twig, MySQL and React / React Native. We also utilise plenty of other AWS services, like RDS, Elasticache, CloudFront, S3 and SQS.

    About You

    You’ll be experienced in building and maintaining modern web applications. You need to be passionate about native web standards, custom web components, and “HTML over the wire”, all of which are cornerstones of the Scheduler product you’ll be working on.

    This is a remote position based in the United Kingdom. It’s important for this role that you can relatively easily travel to meet and occasionally co-work with colleagues in the same team.

    We’re looking for someone who excels at working autonomously. As we work remotely, we’re unable to watch over your shoulder, but frankly we’d never want to anyway. You love using your initiative and judgement to see something through, from idea to completion. You’re fiercely organised, reliable and have a keen eye for detail.

    Direct experience in everything we do is not required. What’s important is that you’re creative and curious. Show up willing to learn and you’ll go far.

    You’re great at expressing yourself in writing, clearly and concisely. It’s how we primarily communicate, so we’ll expect you to take the time to write up your thoughts and give your attention to digesting those of others.

    Above all, you’re a kind and thoughtful person. You’ll support your colleagues, bringing a positive spirit and enthusiastic attitude. You’re not afraid to speak up when something’s not right. You can expect to be heard and valued by a team that appreciates your feedback.

    If you don’t see yourself in our team right now, it doesn’t mean we’re not looking for you. If you join us, we hope to learn from you as much as you’ll learn from us.

    Pay and Benefits

    The salary for this role is £43,000.

    You’ll get 25 days annual leave, plus bank holidays and your birthday. You will gain one extra day at the end of each year you’re with us, up to 30.

    We’ll provide you with a MacBook, and anything else you need to optimise your working environment for the role.

    We’ve written about what it’s like working at Aiir, so make sure you read that too and are comfortable with our stance.

    How to apply

    Introduce yourself to us – we want to see the real you. Take your time with your application, there’s no prize here for being first. Tell us why you want this job, not just any job. We want to hear about what you can bring to Aiir, and Aiir’s role in your future. Make sure you tell us where you’re located.

    We want to see your code. If you’re selected for interview, we’d like you to walk us through something you’ve written recently and are proud of. The code you present will need to be all of your own creation and you must have permission to share it with us. If you’ve participated in open source work of any kind, please include any relevant links in your application.

    To apply, email:

    We’re accepting applications until April 30th 2024. Don’t necessarily expect to hear from us until that date, to give everyone a chance. If you’re selected for interview, you’ll hear from us soon after. The interview will be via Google Meet and will be with up to three of your future colleagues. If you’re unsuccessful, we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    To apply: