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Adeva: Senior Backend Engineer



    Adeva is a global talent network that enables work without boundaries by connecting tech professionals with top companies worldwide.

    We are looking for senior backend engineers who love fantastic, well-built products and are willing to go the extra mile to create a product that is both easy to use and powerful. You will work on an innovative product used by over 1 million users – if you’re challenged by providing scalable software for millions of users, this role is for you!

    As a Senior Backend Engineer you will be responsible for design, planning, scoping, and implementing services that integrate mobile and web clients with the core services and data. These API’s need to be highly performant, scalable and reliable and you will need to be familiar with CI/CD and ‘infrastructure as code’ environments. You will mainly be using Node.js and TypeScript but you will also get involved with a cloud-native backend platform using PaaS and serverless on AWS.


    Experience with databases and data management – Ideally you have solid experience with relational databases and data search technologies.
    Experience with Cloud architectures and best practices – You will need to have familiarity with PaaS, FaaS, DBaaS, containers, etc. on AWS.
    A passion for writing testable code – you can architect code so critical code paths can be covered with comprehensive, automated test suites.
    Continuous Delivery & Deployment Mindset – you are comfortable with frequently deploying changes once they end up on the master branch.
    Attention to detail – you have deep interest in figuring out how things work underneath.
    Expertise in Node.js and Typescript – you can start building production services value with these technologies.
    Familiarity with “Infrastructure as code” – you do infrastructure deployments with sourced controlled definitions (preferably AWS CloudFormation).
    Experience with building scalable and resilient distributed systems – you have experience with microservice architectures and cloud-native systems that can serve millions of customers globally 24/7.
    Security awareness – as you respect user privacy, you always consider security during every phase of development.

    About Adeva

    Adeva is an exclusive tech professionals’ network that connects some of the best tech professionals in the world with leading enterprise organizations and startups. Our network is distributed all over the world, with engineers in more than 35 countries. 

    Our company culture builds connections, careers, and employee growth. We are creating a workplace from the future that values flexibility, autonomy, and transparency. If that sounds like something you’d like to be part of, we’d love to hear from you.

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